Sunday, August 26, 2007


This is the first time that i have written since Stonehenge! What happened. . . .Friday was a blur. I woke up at 1 PM and I milled about a bit. I got food at EAT. I then packed up and started wandering. I don't remember where to really. I believe that I hit the Mac store for email, returned a shirt and got a new one. I made a little circle. I think afterwards, I went back and did some work in my sketchbook. Saturday, I went to the other side of the river and saw the Design Museum. By totally random hance, a person's work in the exhibit, Luigi Colani, was sitting in the cafe and Bill randomly noticed this. Boom! We got ourself a tourguide.
His work was very futuristic and made for speed. Everything seemed to be fast and cutting edge. Then again, he was into cars a lot! Saturday was lunch next to a church called WorchesterSquare I want to say. Next was the Tate Modern located right next to the Millenium Bridge and close to Shakespeare's Globe Theater. The Tate Modern had a great exhibition on Dali and his films with his paintings. Very inspiring. The highlight of that entire museum was seeing Dali's "Destino," a cartoon that Dali worked on with Disney and was not realized until a few years ago. Sooooooo amazing seeing surrealism in animated form. The other, Helio Oiticia, was rather boring. It seemed like color theory class on wood boards. Oh well. . . .
Today, I worked on my sketchbook, and then I went to the Tower of London. The tower of London was amazing. The yousmen(?) guard or beefeaters were really cool. They had huge loud voices from over 22 years of military service and rising to the rank of sargeant. Many theories surround why these guys are called beefeaters. One is they got paid in beef. Another is it derives from English meaning of a gentleman or nobleman. Then some French thing that they hated to mention. Cooool.
I have never seen so much bling in my entire life. Britain has WAY too many jewels. James I was a really small guy in real life, and Henry VIII had a HUGE codpiece. I'd rather not talk about that one. Many pictures were taken. I think that it was great to see actual medieval castles and ruins and some interesting facts. It definitely was touristy though. At the end of the White Tower and Crowned Jewels place, right in the gift shop you go. It always amazes me. Definitely a great day. Good weather too.

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