Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am in gay Paris right now! It's kinda hard to believe that I am here, but then I try to understand anyone here. Back to reality. Yesterday arriving was pretty rough. Just being here yesterday was rough. I got into Paris at 9:55 AM Paris time. It took me an hour to get out of the station with a Metro card. I got onto the Metro and tried to meander my way to my hostel. The little inn that my hostel was on was not on the map, and so I wandered ever more in the area. Fortunately, I was helped by a senior citizen who knew a bit of English and I a bit of French. We pieced it together, and he pointed me the right direction. So I finally made it to the hostel.
The room I was in is situated for 3, and when I got in, stuff was spewed across the room by 2 girls, American I figured looking at some of the luggage. I went out to go sight-seeing for the afternoon. One of the first things I saw was Notre Dame. It was HUGE. Quite a big church. It was almost if not bigger than St. Paul's Cathedral in London. This church was around since the 13th and 14th Century too. I like the architecture of Paris. I feel that I am living in the turn of the century here somehow. If I knew more about architecture, I could describe it better. Quite fun.
Lastly, French people really love their cafes. All of the seats point towards the street, and there's one every other building. I also saw street performers, accordians, and a lot of jazz combos in the cafe. Quite cool. For some reason, the Coke cans are heavier here too. That's the biggest observation of the day!

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