Sunday, August 26, 2007


A lot has happened these past couple days. To start, Tuesday morning, we saw Michael Johnson, part of Johnson Banks. He is a brilliant graphic designer who competes with Pentagram. Simply remarkable. He has done top notch design, very friendly, and is an amazing guitarist. I got video of him wailing away which I really enjoyed. He has done a lot of work for Save the Children, Christian Aid Awareness, and a few projects in Japan. The interesting part about working in Britain and then Japan are the aesthetic differences between the two. Japan will be more concerned with aesthetic and are less rigid in the communication of the logo. Britain is more rigid, and for some reason, Michael Johnson has not go work yet in the USA or is not as successful.
Then, we went to the Pepper Tree, a Thai food restaraunt all thanks to Bill. Props to Bill! The food was amazing. I had the red chicken curry which had a great kick to it. Afterwards, I got my ticket for Paris and went to EYE Magazine. At EYE Magazine, the basic discussion was about the future of the magazine. That talk was interesting, but I didn't really connect to it as I do not see how the continuation and survival of the magazine is affecting me now. Maybe later on when I draw comics, it will. The articles and the layout were quite cool. Too bad that this beacon of glory is ridiculously expensive.

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