Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today is D-Day. Yesterday, I was at BBH, the ad agency of awesomeness. I feel that they were an agency keeping with the times, but not in the forefront of advertising. They're not into guerrilla advertising, but they expand their advertising to the web. Apparently, once out of college, people pair up as art directors when getting hired. I like that idea of pairing up with someone to go into art direction. It's a cool concept.
Last night, the night was filled with walking and chilling out in front of British TV with people. I have more to say concerning people that I met. Now I'm in Pentagram. They are a design agency. THey design, and when neccessary, bring in people to design. Even further, it is partner led. The designers work directly with the client. Work doesn't get reinterpreted through business heads. This model has been duplicated from London, to New York, LA, Austin, and Berlin. The most important part of designing to them is the up-front research with the client. Pinning down what the client wants is what they do making it good for the client's business. Lastly, they try to not let their decisions be personal opinions, but something to measure.

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