Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was Bath. It took a full three hours on a coach bus to get there, but we made it. I went with Caitlin, Craig, and Virginia for the day. We left the bus station around Victoria around 9 Am and got there at noon. Most of the time on the bus, I slept. It reminded me a lot of Scotland buses that week. The coach buses here put me right to sleep.
So noon rolls around when we get there. Bath is situated in the middle of all of these rolling hillssimilar to yesterday. It was a partly sunny day too when we got off the bus. Bath itself is a moderte sized town with much going on. It is REALLY touristy however. I will admit that the town was a lot like a few other US towns at home. There's really not many difference from this town compared to New Hope let's say.
The Roman baths themselves were very impressive. Though much has be built on top of it for us tourist(or replications), it is still an amazing achievement that is here to this day. The bath still works and is really warm. The water stills amazingly underneath this labrynth of rocks and caves. I enjoyed it for I explored the baths for over an hour.
I got myself a Cornish pasty for the first time. I think that it had lamb and other stuff in it. It was really heavy, but delicious. Yummy! Then we went looking around at all the shops. The town is just a huge shopping area on weekends I suppose. We hit a couple stores, a pub, and then wandered around. We came upon this really nice park that I would have liked to go into, but the park was only for residents of the area. Keeping out the tourists. That is good for the townies I believe. 5:30 rolled around and we went back home on the coach. We chillazed once we got back and stayed in the flats that night.

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