Sunday, August 26, 2007


This is Monday morning, so there'll probably be another entry later in the day. Yesterday, I left with getting into the flats. The details of it can be shown in pictures. Hence, the neighborhood. It was Sunday. EVERYTHING was shut down. It didn't seem like I was in London. It feels like Ocean City to me, All the buildings, a quiet street, and all that. We were in the diamond district, Hatton Gardens, Virginia pointed out. I walked a huge circle and didn't get lost! The tube was kinda far away. Chancery Lane it is. After the walk, I fell asleep.
I woke up afterwards from the nap. I walked to the Tube, rode to Oxford Circus, and walked up to Regent's Park. Wow. Everyone was out there. HUGE PARK. Groups of people walking, picnicing, playing soccer, rugby, and then some. Couples all around. I sat there and doodled on the side of a tree.
Afterwards, with some drawings, I went back and hung about with people. Eventually, all the ILL peeps came back and went out to a local pub. THe pub was called the Duke of York with a red painted wooden outside. It felt vry good to have a couple "pints." It felt very official that I am in London or England now. Not too soon after, I fell asleep exhausted.

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