Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yesterday morning, I got up to go to the British Museum. It is indeed a sight to look when walking into the walled area and being stunned by a huge classical structure that is the British Museum. All of golden brown, it was a huge monument that could have been built by the Greeks. The inside was extroadinary, the white room with a huge circular done coming into the middle.The room actually was shaped like a doughnut.
To the left was the Rosetta Stone. The stone itself was in three languages, heiroglyphics, Greek, and Latin? maybe. It helped uncrack the code for heiroglyphics which is kinda amazing to think about. I wonder that if we didn't have that stone, how much less would we know? Walking around the ancient Egyptian, the Parthenon, and other ancient spectacles is a weird experience for me. The things that I was looking at is over 2000 years old. Minimum. I try to imagine when that this was made, put myself there in the situation, in the times when it was made.It becomes an out of body experience. The most interesting parts are the skeletons and remains of people. Thinking back 3000 years, it is beyond imagination where that person's body would have ended up.
I was exhausted however. Hence, I only did the museum for an hour and 15 minutes. I started heading over to Greyworld and got on the tube. Greyworld was awesome. The bloke Andrew Shoben has an out of this world imagination. His ideas are unrestricted and never edited. He said not to edit the ideas until they come out of your mouth. Most of the time, he doesn't even ask himself if he would be able to do it or how to do it. It just happens. Some ideas were an actual mechanical tail, the Dublin bridge, flowers up the elevator, talking hedge maze, the song on the rails, the moving benches and litter bins, the London stockmarket signs, the moving statue, and the technicolor town. It was freakin' awesome. It was a short day lived as Stonehenge was tomorrow. . . .

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