Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hey, right now, I am at BBH ad agency, and it is a nice advertising agency. Earlier this morning, attended a speech by Trend union and speaker Phillip Fimmano. He spoke about trend forecasting in fashion and interior/package design. I fell asleep for a bit, but most of was pretty interesting to think about. THe ideas beind trend forecasting are that the trend in the next couple years is observed through all kinds of social change. The take into account politics, world climates, culture comparisons, and so. For example, fashion will soon absorb terrorist masks and cover ups into the youth culture. It is an act of rebellion. Some with veils. Covering up the woman's body will come.
Everything is really cyclical. Nothing is brand new, but comes in turns. Color is the biggest one for certain colors fit the seasons much better. Nonetheless, borrowing from other cultures and bringing up new ideas across the globe is amazing. What some cultures like can be very different from other. I believe that trend forecasting doesn't set the trend though. They're reactive. Phillip touched on it, but in other visual forms of communications like graphic design, those are the ideas being exchanged. Those methods of communication start the trends. Interesting slide show and music too. Very avant-garde.

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