Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today's Sunday, and I'm in London right now! The flat indeed. The flat is pretty spacious. Amazing view of the street right outside the huge window. Great drawings and pics to come. The trip from yesterday to today was already interesting. 2 people missed the flight. One threw it out it sounds like, and the other at a graduation party in Jersey when she was called at the airport. That really sucks, but is kinda funny.
The flight had good service and ok food. Every single seat in a row was either aisle or window. . . except for mine. I was stuck right in the middle of an Indian woman to my left, and an English mum who slept with her mouth open on my right.The flight movies were exceptional. Much to choose from. I finally saw "Shakespeare in Love," and liked it. Comedy, romance, tragedy movies are my kind of movies. The second was "Letters from Iwo Jima," and was hard to watch. Very powerful though.
London, finally! The getting bag part was good. It really slowed down when the bus was going to take us both to our flats. Then, we got onto another bus and left about an hour after we got off the plane. The bus ride was dead silent for most of it. Everyone was tired most likely. Absorbing everything. We passed tons of suburban houses, miles of suburban homes. We passed Hyde Park, Regent's Park, V&A Museum, stores,the other bus, and gas stations that were 9.6 pounds. The bus was HOT too. However, finally made it.

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