Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hey, hello again. I am back, safe and sound here in London. The train ride was sleepy. I apparently missed all the car bombs happening in London and Glasgow. Wow. Hopefully nothing will happen when I go to Glasgow in a couple weeks. I got back at 9 AM in London. We met up at where we met the bum in that little park area. I saw everyone again as I have travelled by myself. It was good though to see everyone back safely. Well, mostly, one person was stuck in Spain at the time. Then, at 3 PM, we went to Morag Myerscough and her studio. From the impression that I got, I find her to be a workaholic. She did tons of amazing design in exhibition areas including designing the "great" exhibition piece. Yet, I just didn't like how she lived her life. It sounds like no home life except for her mum, no close friends in the design studio as people come and go at their own discretion, and no kids or husband it sounds. It just sounds like a lonely life.
Sure, I am positive that she gets out often as she says to have a drink and enjoys life. Still, it seems kinda empty. At least that is not how I wish to live my life. I sometimes need to think to myself how do I want to live my life.
After the visit, I got some amazing duck curry served in alarge wooden cow. Does that sound sacreligious somehow? I keep thinking that it does. It was a great meal with 8 other people at the table. I have grown to love thai food for some reason. It is quite amazing.

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