Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Wow, it is July already. Tomorrow marks 1 month that I have left home. Again, as I mentioned yesterday, the Pompidou. So yeah, it was pretty cool. Definitely modern and much to take in. I got to see a lot of Kandinsky, MAtisse, Duchamp, Chagall, Ernst, a bit of Picasso, Basquiat, and much more. The art was good. The Airs de Paris was a neat exhibition. I think what stood out in my mind was sitting in a completely orange lit room. I saw all colors of the rainbow closing my eyes starting with blue. There was much more like a room full of TV's, computers, and pictures. All going before my eyes. That was cool.
Afterwards, I wondered around a bit more around Paris and I happened to walk into a gay pride parade taking place south of the Seine River. It was wonderfully bright and colorful. Definitely a sight to behold. The weirdest part of it was that it was in French! Joking really. No, it was something new and interesting that I have never seen in person before. I heard later that it was a celebrated day across Europe in many other cities including Paris. It was something to see.

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