Sunday, August 26, 2007


Continuing same entry. Wednesday morning came, and we went to the Barbican Art Gallery. There, we saw art in the punk years. I thought the art in this show would have been more like graffiti and street art. Nto so much. There was a bit of collage, photography, live performance, videos, and so on. THe art did not strike me as punk. Most of it was from the same time period, but I don think that the works really carried the punk spirit. Oh well. I think a tiny bit more of Jean Michal Basquiat and Keith Haring was needed. The afternoon was splendid. I saw the Drowsy Chaperone, and it was very hilarious with many crazy hits.
Afterwards, I went to the meeting with Robert Sheppard. I was a bit late however due to some mix up in the tube. Richard Sheppard of the Art Worker's Guild gave us a talk about the history of bookbinding at Faulkiner's and then the most expensive book in the entire world. It sold I believe for 56 thousand pounds? Still quite a crazy amount for a book.
Today, I dragged myself out of bed to see. . . .the Abbey Road. Next to it was the very studio in which the Beatles recorded their albums, including their first recording. It was definitely by cool by all means, even if I felt groggy. Oh well. With a few other people then, I booked a ticket to go to Bath this coming Saturday. Afterwards, I worked on my sketchbook some more.
Lastly, we saw Graham Fink, another person working in the realm of advertising. Actually, what impressed me more was before and after the meeting when we saw the lobby, The walls of the lobby are covered with sharpie, black and white drawings by some artists that are more into the street art scene. The work was amazing, done by people called Daydream. Afterwards, we were introduced to the actual people who run Daydream and learned more about their art work and their website. Through a booklet they gave to us, we saw some amazing art work that we would not know have ever existed! Sooooo cool.

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