Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The past two days, the whole VC group has been participating in a letterpress workshop at the LCC, London College of Communications. We met Dave Dabner and Alex Cooper, two professors at the college that specialize in the letterpress. There are a couple things that I want to mention. One is that I have not done much letterpress before. I have dabbed in it when I took printmaking, but besides that semester, not much. Second, it was such a nuce breather to get to work again rather than listening to another lecture! I am getting tired of being inspired now and want to work.
So the group of 5 that I was in took a newspaper clipping and made the term "fat white b*stard" where the words fat and b*stard are a dark grey and then the white was added on top as a transparent layer. It came out quite well. Besides doing the letterpress workshop, we had lunch in the area, went to the college art show seeing the different areas of the college. We saw some advertising, graphic, digital design, and illustration. Again, I reached that point where I had no clue what the assignment was and the projects didn't made any sense. I was not impressed overall with the entire show. The one section that I did like however was the video/animation section. I thought that the videos were pretty engaging.
Lastly, we also spent about half an hour to forty five minutes in the Stanley Kubrick Archive. In there, it was a sterile environment and cold. It was also under super lockdown due to all the stuff once belonging to Stanley Kubrick. It was really weird seeing how many books that this man has had. How much research that this man has gone through to make his movies. Bookshelves upon bookshelves. Some movies like Space Oddessy and Clockwork take up an entire bookshelf, top to bottom, all filled with notes, books, references, and more. Wow, definitely a stickler to details. I suppose that this archive is why Stanley Kucbrick is considered one of the greatest film directors. Right now, I am off to Shakespeare Globe to see a play and then, I'll be off to Paris!

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