Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday was the fourth of July! Celebrating it in another country made me that much more patriotic. It was pretty cool living in the UK as an American. I miss the barbecue, the pool, hot summer days, and so on. Tis a shame.
Yet, lunch at Lomonia, a greek restaraunt, was superb. It really was the farewell lunch before we shove on back to the states. Well, most people shove on back to the states. I will be staying! We all dined on wine, cheese, olives, pita, hummus, salad, lamb, cake, rice, kous-kous, and more. This was all served over a 9 course meal which took 3 full hours! Quite delectable as cheers, toasts, and thank yous went all around.
In addition, as a group, we went up to Primrose Hill which is the high est point in London which really doesn't say much anyways. Lastly, we went on a boat ride throught the canals of Camden Market and so on. We saw London's little Venice. It was little. Lastly, we got to party all American style. By being obnoxious. Going out to go clubbing and watching dumb American movies. Waht could be more patriotic?! I feel that this week has been a good one to end the London excursions on. So much fun had. This coming weekend is of course the tour! It will be neat to see. I can't wait! I tried waiting for Wimbledon, but gave up after 3 hours. Oh well, my loss. I can say that I have truly enjoyed most of the trip though.

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