Sunday, August 26, 2007


I did not write as I said that I would yesterday. I left my garbage(or rather my stuff) in the flats below me. I just got it back this morning. Our first meeting yesterday was at the University of Delaware's embassy in London really. We found it in this back alley street, the Brownlow Mews I think it is.I would guess that it is really sketchy at night. It's all brick laid down for the street.
We had the meeting inside in a white spacious room called Marlowe. We had a visit from the police chief of London himself, David Pullum. Well, detective constable really I am told. He is quite a jovial Brit(he specifically said British, not English), and he does embody that expected British spirit that is my first impression of Brits. He's like Robin from Scotland really.
After that, finally got groceries for the flat. Frosted flakes are "Frosties" over here. Weird indeed. However, I made pasta for myself later. Yay! Then came the V&A Museum. Wow! I definitely must get my bum back to the place. It is huge and gorgeous! The Surrealist exhibition was cool indeed. I saw in there works of Dali, Ernst, Magritte, and others that I cannot remember unfortunately. I must say that I wished that I studied dreams more, and psychology. Freud is definitely weird, but he does have a few insights on where some fetishes come from such as the foot, and furs. If I knew more of that, then I'd probably understand a lobster phone better.

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