Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Right now, I am sitting on le Arc de Triumphe! It is pretty cool. One thing about Europe is that they know how to make things ornate. Everything here is so classical, all built to impress. Ever since Greece I guess. Yesterday was the Louvre. Starting the day, I had a continental breakfast with a Brit, an Aussie, and then one from Cantina? He spoke Spanish as did the other two. Awkwad for me. I notice that a lot of the travellers are older than me right now. Some of the travellers go through Europe every year too they tell me.
Afterwards, I went to the Louvre. I will try to remember who I saw. Da Vinci, Raphael, one Manet, David, Rousseau, Watteau, Delacroix. I stayed in the 13th-17th Century Italian Painting section which were amazing. Even more impressive were the HUGE French paintings where the canvas took up an entire wall. I want to paint something that big at some point. It could be a crappy piece of art, but it'd be huge. The Louvre was too huge to see everything at once however. It gets overwhelming really fast. I stayed to see some of the Medieval art collection, the Venus do Milo, saw the castle hidden underneath the Louvre, and then left.
I had lunch and then wandered around some more. I ran into some magazine stands and found huge sections on Bandes Desinee. In English, comics! The French LOVE comics here. I am not talking about DC/Marvel or even manga. It is their own form of comics which I have never seen before except for Tintin and a few random others. I love it.

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