Monday, August 27, 2007


Monday, June 18th was a weird day. We were all supposed to be going to the RCA show, but meeting Bill and Ashlet was difficult to figure out. Some thought that it was 10:30, others thought that it was 12 PM, and so on. I was just going to wait for some people in the flat downstairs, but I decided to go by myself to the show. I got there around 11 to find my roomie sitting outside the show. The show wasn't open until 12.
Hence, we got food and drinks at the coffee place right inside the Prince Albert Ballet School which was cool. 12 came around, and the huge tent with the block letters "great" on the side of the tent opened. It started to pour once we got it. Talk about timing.
The RCA show in the tent was pretty neat. The ceramics area was really cool. I would like to have some of those pieces decorating my living space. They're aesthetically pleasing. Graphic design was OK for the most part. The architectural design was very futuristic. I can't imagine many of those buildings taking shape until maybe 25 years later. I hate and like these shows sometimes for the same reason. The reason is that I never know the context that these pieces are designed or for which they are created. I feel that a lot with graphic design exhibitions that the piece doesn't make any sense by itself. Then I need to read what it's all about or be told. I saw a lot of that here when I came across a plush chair on grass with a lamp too. What was that all about?
There was much cool work too, and the pieces that I enjoyed most were the little illustration/children's storybooks. Of course. Afterwards, I met up with some people to go back to the flats. I went to go see POTC : At World's End finally. I saw it in Leicester Square that day which was a good break from London. Watching a movie in the theaters definitely helped. It was nice. The movie itself was OK I suppose.

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