Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Today was a fun filled day. In the morning, the Sienna flats took a little trip on the southside fo the Thames and went into this interesting neighborhood. The houses here are quite interesting. Bill mentioned that politicians' families live in the area. I can imagine it. So we made our way to a suburban house with a huge garden and a couple garages connected to each other. There, we met Richard Kindersley, stonecarver. Now Richard's is a very rare profession, ever more rare than Sehmi's calligraphy. Richard mentioned that there are probably 4 stonecarvers in the USA. Only 4, the closest one being in Connecticut.
The studio and process of carving stone is fascinating. It dealt so much with typography and why the letters are shaped the way they are today. It comes from a couple millenium old practice of carving stones at the same angles. That is how the stresses of a letter are born. We also received many postcards. Richard was definitely worth someone seeing.
In addition to see Richard, a few others and I made our way to the London Dungeon for a so called "scary" amusement ride. It was fun to go through except for paying adult fare. I wish that I had my stupid student ID. It was really funny too to find a couple of Czech teens get confused and called out on by some of the judges or actors. It was really funny.
The best part of the day was going to see Antony Gormley at the Heyward Gallery right outside of Waterloo Station. Antony Gormley had the most amazing pieces of art including Blind Light, a room in which you can't see two feet ahead of you due to a thick mist. It is a weird experience breathing this partial mist, but it is even more intriguing being in a lost fog and not seeing anything of anyone. The rest of Gormley's pieces are all about where the human body is, what space the human body occupies, and its relations to its surroundings. I see a lot of Eastern influence in his work. Quite neat.

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